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Video Horse Race Night Services - Tel: 08456 43 48 49

Frequently Asked Questions
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Q) Race Nights are they legal?

A) Yes, a race night properly run is actually a lottery, as defined in the Lotteries and Amusement Act of 1976. The films are simply an entertaining way of selecting a winning number at random, and the tote ‘betting’ tickets are just chances in a lottery where nobody knows which number will win.

It is worth explaining that our race nights are the type of event where films are picked at random, none of the actual runners on the film are named, and no ‘form’ (information about the runners) is given until all the bets have been placed. The films are then shown in their entirety after the betting has finished.

Legally a race night should not be the only form of entertainment, a mini quiz, food, presentation event or social meeting run in conjunction with any of these mean, the sole inducement of the night is not just the racing. For example you could have a prize giving evening plus race night (the prize giving being part of the racenight) or have 2 seperate events in one night such as a quiz night plus race night etc... If a race night is held on your premises, you do not have to register with the police, or obtain a license. You can also hold a race event on a Sunday if you wish.

Q) How does the race night work?

A) A race night usually consists of 6 to 9 races each with either horses, dogs or pigs. The first 5,6,7 or 8 races are ‘normal races’ where you would be expected to sell each of the horses in each race to an owner prior to the race night. The owner names the horse and would get a prize if their horse wins the race. The last race is an auction race where each horse is sold to the highest bidder on the night, with a large prize, usually half the total money bid is given to the winning owner of this race.

The normal running order for a night would be:

Races 1 to 4
Races 5 to 7 or 8
The Auction Race

Every race has the same format:

For the auction race the horses are sold to owners who bid the most for each horse. This is a great way to end the night.

The betting is opened and tickets are sold for each horse. When everyone has had a chance to buy tickets for the horse(s) of their choice the betting is closed. A member of the audience is then invited to select a race from a selection of unmarked security sealed cases.

The race is played.

The winning ticket holders collect their money.

The winning owner is presented with their prize.

The next race is then set-up and the above is repeated.

Q) How much should I charge my race sponsors?

A) As much as you can! Although you may wish to get prizes from each of your sponsors or charging sponsors £10 to £20 per race and buying prizes from the fund may raise extra funds. One option is to get companies to sponsor a race. That way not only do they help raise money for charity BUT on the night they get publicity - when it's their race E.G the host would announce race 1 is the jameshuk.com Race. Please place your bets now. This could be a different company / individual per race.

Q) How much should I sell my horses for?

A) This depends on how much you think your customers can afford. The simple answer is: as much as you can! As a rough guide previous organisers average between £1 and £5 per horse although if you can arrange some great prizes you may be able to charge more.

Q) How much will the tote tickets be on the night?

A) Once again this can depend on how much you think the audience can afford. The average race night will charge 50 pence to £1 per tote ticket for races. This is purely a guide as you are free to determine your own prices - but remember the higher the tote ticket price the more money is made for not only the winner(s) but for charity too.

Q) What will I have to organise for the race night?

A) Apart from all of the usual things that need to be organised for any function. Specific things have to done prior to your race night.

You need to sell as many of the horses in each race and ensure that the owners give a suitable name to their horses (paper work to be provided by me on confirmation of race night.

You will need to organise a prize for each race for the winning owner. This may be achieved by getting sponsors for each race.
You may also wish to make multiple copies of the programme with the owners and horse names.

Q) What will I have to do on the night?

A) The main job for the organisers on the night of the race night will be to help the race night host - handle all of the financial arrangements.

A float of around £60 to £80 in change is recommended which is returned at the end of the night.

Q) How many ticket sellers are used?

A) This depends on the size of the crowd. For a small to medium crowd, two ticket sellers (host and organiser) each selling tickets for horses will be enough. For larger crowds it may be necessary to arrange for more people to act as ticket sellers. This will all be aranged before the event.

Q) How are the prices (odds) for the horses worked out?

A) At the start of the race night a percentage payout is agreed (usually between 25 - 50%). The total money collected for each race is totalled and the payout percentage of the total is split between each ticket sold for each horse. On the night, the presenter will calculate the prices and the presenters word is FINAL!

So to put it simply:

If horse 1 sells 20 tickets at 50p each = £10.00

The total sold by the other horses = £40.00

Total money in for race = £50.00

Money for fund raising at 50% £25.00

Total Prize fund for race £25.00

If horse 1 wins the race each ticket worth

(£25.00 divided by 20 tickets sold) = £1.25 per ticket

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