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    Virtual GameShow Experiences

    Team Building, Company Meetings, Conferences, Friends/Family Celebrations

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Virtual Game Show Experiences

With current social distancing restrictions across the UK creating issues for gathering groups of people together we offer a fun alternative to the more traditional family, friends or corporate group activity.

Whether you are a group of 6 or up to 600+ people we have a fun interactive virtual game show which is perfect for you group whether they are playing from home, in an office or anywhere across the world.

Our virtual game show experiences are fun and immersive and set themselves apart from the standard online quizzes you may have already been taking part in this year.

Game Show Experiences can be tailored by time from 30 minutes up to 2 hours or more depending on your requirements and can include one or more of our games. We also have a number of Interactive voice and video activated games which are great fun and will get players shouting at their screens.

We are also able to customise any questions or themes to suit your event, company profile or team background.

What is included in each experience?

  • A Live Online Game Show Experience as if you were taking part in a real tv game show at a time length of your choice. 
  • Presented by one of our professional Hosts live from our LiveStream Studios with lighting, sound and video as standard.
  • A secure and private Zoom Meeting Room that will work on a phone, tablet or computer.   Please note – You do not need a zoom account to take part as we can provide a web link and password to allow you to take part in any web browser on any device with an internet connection.   Already have a meeting in place? No problem we can join into your meeting as required.
  • A choice of game format from playing in teams or individuals.
  • Live Leaderboard and bonus games after each round

For more information or to booking for one of your next corporate virtual team building events or family/friends party or get together please contact us.

Additional Live Music and Entertainment.

Why not break up the game show rounds with some pre-recorded or live music between each round.   With our contacts we are able to supply most style of music and other entertainment to suit any theme.   As part of the package whether its live or pre-recorded entertainment can either be included remotely from their own location or we can host them following social distancing guidelines within our live stream studio as part of the package.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Game Show Games Available” tab_id=”1606356444158-deab58dd-48c8″][vc_column_text]

Virtual Game Show Games Available:

All our games shows work great online with or without using their web or phone camera to join in.  For those that are shy they can just use audio only.

Friendly Fortunes – Individuals or teams battle it out to get the most points by guessing the top answers from our survey of 100 people.

Hangman’s Points or Peril – Try and solve the answer by guessing letters that could be in the word or phrase.  Guess it right and spin the wheel to either gain the points or be given a dare to get the points.

Guess Your Cards Right – Quiz meets card game – Guess Your Cards right asks a general knowledge question with the quickest answer getting to guess the cards right shouting higher or lower to try and clear the board of cards.

2 Randoms Quiz – 2 people are randomly selected from the players to go head to head in a winner stays on points frenzy. The aim of the game is to finish with the most points at the end of the time.

Pathway To Points Quiz – A fastest finger first question gets you onto the main board with 5 subjects at 5 difficulties of questions and answers. The more difficult the question the more points for a correct answer.

Bonus Round Interactive Games

At the end of each round the winner gets to play one of our interactive bonus round games – sure to get players screaming and shouting at their screen to gain more points.

Video or Noise Activated Flap It Birds – Collect as many coins as you can in 30 seconds. The harder you flap on screen (or shout in voice mode) the higher the bird flaps.

Noise Activated Dodge it! – Get the little man across the road and across the river to collect the most points without getting hit by traffic or falling into the water by using your voice only. Great fun for all!

Noise Activated Fruit Catcher – The naughty monkey is throwing his fruit around and you need to catch it using your voice. The more you catch the more points you get.

Whack-A-Boss (Noise Activated) – Ever wanted to hit you boss or friend over the head with a big mallet? Well now’s your chance. The quicker and harder you hit the more points you get.

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