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Live Streaming, Video Conferences, Event IMAG or Recording…

Since Covid and the boom in online communication, live streaming, recording or providing IMAG for events is now an ever-expanding landscape that offer businesses and organisations opportunities to spread their brand, message, connect with audiences, and engage in real-time interactions.

Whether you have a conference, sporting event, wedding, funeral, theatre production, music festival or any other type of event, broadcasting has become a main staple in this digital age, transforming the way we view and interact with one another.

With different ways and different platforms available to deliver content, finding a company to guide you through the processes involved is essential for success.

At UK Event Services we have the skills, knowledge and equipment to help you provide a professional looking broadcast across any platform medium, social media, website or meeting app or just supply it as a recording of the event for your future reference.  We are able to help with any type of event whether that’s a simple boardroom discussion reaching out to other offices right through to a hybrid conference or awards event mixing both live in person speakers and audiences with online presenters, audiences and content from anywhere in the world.

Our experience in live production will provide you with the technical know how to ensure a high-quality stream or recording. We will recommend and provide the correct equipment, software and configuration for your specific event needs.  From a single camera shoot through to a bespoke production package or one of our off the shelf “Broadcast in a box packages” we will supply everything you require for your event.

With our broadcasts we can  provide:

  • Camera equipment (static, operated, PTZ or wireless options available)
  • Production hardware (vision mixer, graphics software, comfort monitors, network switch,  streaming encoders, audio mixers, wireless microphones, Laptops)
  • Graphics Packages – Logos, lower thirds for names, idents, stingers
  • Instant Replay Systems – great for sporting events
  • Network bonded 4g/5g transmitters (so don’t have to rely on hotel wifi!)

Plus many more options!   Contact us with your requirements for a custom quote for your next event.

For our pre-made broadcast packages – please click on the tab at the top of this package titled “Broadcast in a Box Packages”

Live Stream / Recording Packages available:

The following packages are available off the shelf from us.  But should you need any additional equipment or a bespoke quote for your event please use the contact us form on this page and send us a message with your requirements and we can send you a custom quote.

All prices listed are a guide only and exclude transportation, food and accommodation costs which are quoted on a per job basis if required:

Broadcast in a Box Package 1:  £850 per day

2x 1080p PTZ Cameras, 1x PTZ controller & 2x Tripods (Gives ability for a wide shot and close up shot at any time)
1x Vision Mixer
1x Vmix Production System
1x Audio Mixer
1x Lectern Microphone & Stand
1x Lapel wireless microphone
1x Handheld wireless microphone
1x Basic Graphics package (logo holding screen & picture in picture screen)
1x Streaming Encoder
1x Presentation Laptop (for slides)
1x Live Stream Technician to setup & operate during event

Broadcast in a Box Package 2:  £1350 per day

1x 1080p Static Camera & Tripod (Wide Shot)
3x 1080p PTZ Cameras, 1x PTZ controller & 3x Tripods (2x different camera angles at any time plus 1x audience camera)
1x Vision Mixer
1x Vmix Production System
1x Audio Mixer
1x Lectern Microphone & Stand
4x wireless microphones (choice of lapel, headset or handheld)
1x Graphics package (logo holding screen, picture in picture screen, lower third names)
1x Streaming Encoder
Ability to have remote presenters into the room via zoom, teams or vmix
2x Production Laptops (for slides and remote presenters)
1x Live Stream Technician to setup & operate during event
1x PTZ Camera Operator to setup & 0perate during event


Optional Extras:

4g/5g Bonded LiveU Encoder/Transmitter
Comfort Monitors
Wireless Broadcast Cameras
Additional Static Operated Cameras
Additional PTZ Cameras
Pay per View Servers
Custom Graphics Creation
LED Video walls
IMAG Production  (using cameras and screens to magnify what’s happening on stage. ideal for large crowd events or event spaces that have blind spots where the audiences view is compromised).

Start / Finish Times - Rig / De-Rig Days and Times