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Experiences & Games Tables
for all Events:

Entertainment at your event doesn’t have to be just limited to a DJ, band or karaoke.  At UK Event Services we are able to supply Immersive shows such as murder mysteries, mobile escape rooms and interactive game shows as well as cutting edge experiences such as Virtual Reality or driving simulators right through to more traditional table games to allow your guests to enjoy mixing and interacting with each other while having fun too.

Our experiences and games tables can be packaged together, with or without staff or hired individually depending on requirements and really do add an extra layer of fun to your event.  With our games tables we can even print fun money with your brand or message on to allow guests to bet on the tables and win a prize for the most money won at the end of the night.

The Ultimate GameShow Experience Live!

Have you ever sat at home watching a tv game show and thought I could do better than that?  Well now you can!  The ultimate gameshow Live is an immersive, interactive gameshow suitable for all skill levels and great for corporate events, team building or anytime you want to get a group of people together for a fun event.

With a mixture of gameshow games including quiz rounds in the style of who wants to be a millionaire, say what you see (catch phrase), price is right to bet higher or lower and friendly fortunes (family fortunes) tables will battle it out against each other to be crowned the winners.

Game Show Experiences can be tailored by time from 30 minutes up to 2 hours or more depending on your requirements and can include one or more of our games. We also have a number of Interactive voice and video activated games which are great fun and will get players shouting at their screens.

We are also able to customise any questions or themes to suit your event, company profile or team background.

What is included in each experience?

  • A Live Game Show Experience as if you were taking part in a real tv game show at a time length of your choice. 
  • Presented by one of our professional Hosts live with lighting, sound and video as standard.
  • A choice of game format from playing in teams or individuals.
  • Live Leader board and bonus games after each round

For more information or to booking for one of your next corporate team building events or family/friends party or get together please contact us.

We also have an optional extra Live streaming package add on where not only can people take part in person at the event but we can broadcast it live via zoom, teams, youtube or any website to allow people from anywhere in the world to join in.


Virtual Reality Free Roam

Immerse yourself into another reality with our free roam virtual reality team experience zone.   From VR Laser Tag to shooting zombies, being live in a retro 80’s game or even working as a team in a burger restaurant or working out the puzzles and challenges in our VR Escape Room – there’s something for everyone in our free roam VR Experience Zone.

All experiences last approx. 5 – 10 minutes and headsets are cleaned and sanitised between experiences.  At least 1 TV Screen is included so spectators can view what participants are seeing in the headsets during the experience.


Dimensions:-  Minimum 4.5m x 4.5m space is required for 4 player or 6m x 6m space for  6 player with 2x 13a sockets a 6ft table required for the VR Equipment and Headsets.




Racing Simulators

Want to find out who is the champion of the track in our exciting racing simulators? Who has the cutting edge and eye for a good corner or who is just going to spin out and crash into the barrier.   A fun and exciting addition to any event.  Individual races and group races are possible.


Dimensions:-  minimum 4m x 3m space is required for the race chairs and equipment.

Power:-  2x 13a sockets required.


Battery Powered Animal Racing 

A fun filled game available for a variety of events! This game is one that we have had requests for from customers for many a year.

The aim of the game is for each user to pick a toy animal (which are all battery powered), place it on the track at the same time as their opponents and hold it until all players are ready. On release the toy animals will then walk and waddle their way down the track. The first toy animal to reach the end of the track is the winner!  Sounds easy but anything can happen once the animals reach the free roam area!   A simple yet exciting activity for all to take part in.


Dimensions:- 6ft long x 4ft wide

Power:- No power source is required.



Roulette Tables

Roulette is an iconic game in the world of fun casino hire. Our authentic roulette tables add a touch of class to any event, Will you go odds or evens? Who knows, but we can guarantee unparalleled excitement as our friendly staff keep your guests entertained.


Dimensions:- 8ft long x 4ft wide

Power:-  No Power Required


Black Jack / Poker Tables

Our Blackjack, Poker and Wheel of Fortune tables offer quick fire entertainment with a fun casino Las Vegas theme.

Blackjack, similar to Pontoon or 21, is a must for any event, casino themed or otherwise.
​You need to Stick or Twist to beat the dealer, the Blackjack table will keep everyone involved.

A poker game will keep everyone involved.
It’s exciting, fast paced and will ensure your function is remembered for years to come. Can you hold your nerve or will you fold…?

Dimensions:- 6ft long x 4ft wide

Power:-  No Power Required

Wheel of Fortune /Pilnko Table

Wheel of Fortune is an extremely easy game to play.  The Wheel has 7 different types of fruit that you can bet on. Place your chips on the fruit you think is lucky for you. You or the croupier will ‘Spin’ the wheel to determine the winners & losers. The “Wheel of Fortune” is that easy, everybody wants to play!!

Giant Plinko is a fun interactive addition to any event that you may be holding.  Guests drop a chip at the top of the board and watching it fall into a slot at the bottom.  Will they score the most points in the evening or go bust trying!


Dimensions:- 6ft long  x 4ft wide

Power:-  No Power Required


A game of skill. Guests have to roll the ball down one side of the table and watch it roll round in a U shape down to the points pots. Get it in the middle pot and gain 50 points, where as the 4 outer pots are only worth 10 points.   With a maximum of 150 points across the 3 balls how many points will you score?


Dimensions:- 5ft Long x 2ft wide

Power:- No Power Required

Play Your Cards Right

That classic game of Higher or Lower where you have to get though the board guessing if the next card is higher or lower than the current card.  Great fun to get all the crowd involved.


Dimensions:- 5ft Long x 2ft wide

Power:- No Power Required

Counter Curling

Counter Curling can be played 2 ways – The first is a slide your counters into the scoring zone to see how many points you can get, with the highest points getting a prize at the end of the night or it can be played similar to Curling where 2 players go head to head to try and score the most points by taking it in turns to slide their counter into the score zone to win points or knock out a competitors counter.


Dimensions:- 5ft Long x 2ft wide

Power:- No Power Required



6ft Pool Table

Our 6ft Pool table is a portable fun pool table however due to its portable design it does NOT have a slate bed on the playing surface area and is for fun, none competitive use only. Hire of the table comes with full set of pool balls, chalk and two pool cues.

Dimensions:- 6ft long x 3ft wide

Power:-  No Power Required

6ft Air Hockey Table

Our 6ft Air Hockey Table is perfect to hire for those corporate events, team building days or exhibitions. It’s fast paced and competitive! Just watch out for those flying pucks!

  • Comes complete with Air Hockey Table
  • 2 x Pucks & 4x Pushers


Dimensions:- 6ft Long x 3ft wide

Power:- 1x 13a Socket

5ft Table Football

Our 5ft football tables or foosball/foozball as it is also known combines multi co-ordinational skills to control your team and score the most goals.  Just remember to keep your shirt on during the goal celebrations!


Dimensions:- 5ft Long x 3ft wide

Power:- No Power Required

Additional Live Music and Entertainment.

Why not break up the game show rounds with some pre-recorded or live music between each round.   With our contacts we are able to supply most style of music and other entertainment to suit any theme.

Some of the  Game Show Games Available:

Here is just some of the game show themes available:

Friendly Fortunes – Individuals or teams battle it out to get the most points by guessing the top answers from our survey of 100 people.


Say What You See – We show and animation on the screen and all you have to do is guess what the popular saying is.


Take It or Leave It – Who Wants to be a Millionaire meets Deal or No Deal. You start with 1 point and as the points go up the questions get harder!  Throughout the question run the banker will offer you points to tempt you to Take it ending your go.   The player with the most points at the end of the game Wins!


Hangman’s Points or Peril – Try and solve the answer by guessing letters that could be in the word or phrase.  Guess it right and spin the wheel to either gain the points or be given a dare to get the points.


Guess Your Cards Right – Quiz meets card game – Guess Your Cards right asks a general knowledge question with the quickest answer getting to guess the cards right shouting higher or lower to try and clear the board of cards.


2 Randoms Quiz – 2 people are randomly selected from the players to go head to head in a winner stays on points frenzy. The aim of the game is to finish with the most points at the end of the time.


Pathway To Points Quiz – A fastest finger first question gets you onto the main board with 5 subjects at 5 difficulties of questions and answers. The more difficult the question the more points for a correct answer.

Bonus Round Interactive Games

At the end of each round the winner gets to play one of our interactive bonus round games – sure to get players screaming and shouting at their screen to gain more points.

Video or Noise Activated Flap Birds – Collect as many coins as you can in 30 seconds. The harder you flap on screen (or shout in voice mode) the higher the bird flaps.


Noise Activated Dodge it! – Get the little man across the road and across the river to collect the most points without getting hit by traffic or falling into the water by using your voice only. Great fun for all!


Noise Activated Fruit Catcher – The naughty monkey is throwing his fruit around and you need to catch it using your voice. The more you catch the more points you get.


Whack-A-Boss (Noise Activated) – Ever wanted to hit you boss or friend over the head with a big mallet? Well now’s your chance. The quicker and harder you hit the more points you get.


GameShows can also be mixed and matched in an event:

For Example:

Round 1:  Say What you See – Quiz Questions – This is our take on the hit series Catch Phrase mixed with a general knowledge quiz.  To start it is a general knowledge question and fastest to input their answer on our web system gets to reveal their answer live on screen. If the answer is right your team will get 30 seconds to discuss and guess the Catch phrase animation played on screen.  Get the question wrong and you lose the points from your team score!

Round 2:  If the Price is Right – Guess Your Cards Right – Good Game! Good Game! This is our take on the 2 classics of play your cards right and The Price is Right.  First off you get to see a package of items and you have to guess to the nearest pound what the items are worth.   The closest to guess to the price gets to try and Guess Their Cards right – where you need to complete the run of 8 cards guessing Higher or Lower as you go along!

Round 3: Friendly Fortunes – Our creative spin on the gameshow classic Family Fortune / Family Feud  where you get to battle it out in your teams to see if you can guess the top answers from our 100 people surveyed. To get onto the Friendly Fortunes board you will need the fastest finger as we ask the survey question and if you think you know the answer then buzz in via our web buzzer and the quickest 2 players from different teams to buzz in go head-to-head. The one with the highest score on the board (if correct) gets to decide to play the board or pass it to the other team.  Get it wrong 3 times and another team can steal the points.

Start / Finish Times - Rig / De-Rig Days and Times. How many and what tables do you require?